LG Washer Pedestal


LG Washer Pedestal Storage

LG washer pedestal with drawers are nearly 14 inches high and mimic the width and depth of their front-load washers. They feature slots on the top of the pedestal that cup the bottom so that the appliances stay in place no matter how great the agitation is. This helps the LG washer pedestal to look like an integrated piece of the appliances which maintains the sleek modern appearance.



Pedestals Reduce Having to Bend Over

LG washer pedestals increase the functionality of their washers and dryers by making them easier to load and unload while preventing lower back strain. Raising the appliances 14 inches off the floor brings the doors to a much more convenient height and eliminates all of the bending that can fatigue the lower back. This is especially helpful when using ultra-large capacity washers since the loads can be large and quite heavy when wet.

LG washer pedestals feature adjustable feet, so your washer and dryer will always remain level, increasing the efficiency of your appliances. They are available in a wide range of colors to match most LG washers and dryers. You can find them online in white red black Platinum silver Bahama Blue teal Graphite Steel charcoal gray Riviera Blue cobalt blue and Chardonnay champagne beige. Online merchants have featured these LG washer pedestals priced at anywhere from $180-250.


Raise That Washer and Dryer Off The Ground With A Pedestal

Each pedestal contains an easy-rolling, heavy-duty drawer that is partitioned into two sections. This is a perfect place to store laundry supplies such as detergents, fabric softener sheets and stain removers. Valuable shelf space is saved and everything needed for laundry is contained in one handy place. The result is a clean upscale laundry room appearance one which complements the rest of a modern home.

Today’s laundry rooms are no longer a hidden place for just washing clothes. Thave become multi-purpose rooms that incorporate pantry storage as well as work spaces for sewing crafts and gardening. This new focus on laundry rooms as useable space fuels the need for washers and dryers that are attractive as well as practical and functional. LG washer pedestals work with LG’s front-loading washers and dryers to achieve maximum functionality.